Technical support

On-site evaluation-----give an evaluation report according to the on-site situation, including whether Party A's needs can be satisfied, how to meet them, and demand guidance, etc.

 Scheme design ----- We formulate accurate solutions according to the field requirements and evaluation results, and provide scientific basis for project implementation.

 System selection-----select products suitable for the project, including high, medium and low grades and appearance selection suggestions, and fully consider the particularity of the project.

 Engineering guidance-----put forward reasonable suggestions for various intractable diseases and restrictions encountered during construction and commissioning.

 Operation and maintenance suggestions-----provide reasonable suggestions for later operation and maintenance of the project after the project is officially put into operation after acceptance.

 Software Upgrade-----Software is continuously upgraded and optimized, and we continuously provide the latest standard software.

 Personnel training-----arrange personnel to go to our company for special training in knowledge and skills, and provide on-site training for customers or the first cooperation project.

 Exclusive customization-----we always consider problems from the customer's point of view and provide customized software platform according to the actual needs of the project.

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